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Mental blog/block?!

Hmmmm..it seems that once again I have neglected my poor blog. Few months have passed since my last post. I am still in Diagnostic Imaging, and loving every bit of it. I guess I’m a sucker for new challenges. I hate change, but yet I get bored when life gets a little too static. How fickle-minded I am.

Anyway, it’s a good thing that I’ve not yet gotten bored of my current work. There’s still tons and tons to learn, and I’ve discovered that once ‘Jonah’ always ‘Jonah’. Let me elaborate…

A patient was deemed ‘too restless’ by the houseman incharge to do a CT scan. While consulting his medical officer regarding the patient, I noted that the patient was not restless, but instead, gasping. Unfortunately before they could send the patient back to the ward for further care, the poor patient deteriorated and stopped breathing. So I had my adrenaline rush again, as the houseman was too stunned to do anything, and thus, my colleague and I had to perform CPR on the patient until his medical officer came to take over.

Now that was a few months ago. As for yesterday, one of the patients who came for a CT scan of the abdomen ended up being breathless and her lungs were flooded probably due to heart failure after being given intravenous contrast for the scan. Now, how rare is that?! Anyway, since my department isn’t really well ‘furnished’ with the neccessities to deal with this sort of crisis, we just stabilized her and send her off to casualty for further management and admission.

Who said Radiology was all about sitting on their asses??

On another note, I’ve been trying to convince myself to study for the external exams next year. However, severe laziness has taken over. The inertia of letting my mind rot for too long is just to difficult to overcome. I told CN that I will buck up after Hari Raya. Which is now. But then again…Raya is for one month! Muahahahahha….so looks like I can procrastinate a little longer… 😛

Well, before I get verbal diarrhea and type more non-sensical stuff, I better end here. Until next time…


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Man! It’s almost half way through 2012 and so much for resoluting to blog more this year. Guess life has been rather mundane with just work, work and more work, thus the lack of inspiration to write anything apart from work.

So looks like I will be blogging about work. To update my readers (if there are any left), I am no longer ‘gassing out’ patients for surgery and have now moved on to playing with X-rays, ultrasound waves and magnetic fields. Yup, I switched from Anaesthesiology to Radiology also known by its cooler name as Diagnostic Imaging.

Lots of people have asked me why the change now? Especially since I’ve already spent 3 long years in Anaesthesia. Well, there were many reasons that influenced my decision. One of it was that I was losing interest in that field due to the general working environment, not so bright future (this is subjective) and crappy/stressful working hours. Also I think I have aged and seem to take forever to recover from the hangover of staying up the whole night due to severe “Jonah-ness”. Being “Jonah” simply means that whatever shit can happen, will happen during my watch.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I am now in a better place, I think. I am enjoying this new change and am excited to learn a lot of new skills. It is so much more than just looking at X-ray films and sitting on our asses the whole day (as most people assume). It’s difficult to appreciate the importance of the radiologists until you are in the field. In fact, I realised that all this while I had been guilty of taking them for granted.

I do miss the adrenaline rush of being in the OT/OR and jumping around the ICU like a mad fella however, I think I’ve already shorten my lifespan by 10 years thanks to all that stress. I have definitely learnt a lot while I was in it and am utterly grateful to have had that experience. I hope I can master up the skills of diagnostic imaging A.S.A.P. and thus be able to make some useful contribution to the diagnosis and treatment plan of the patients.

On another note, congratulations to CN-/Cindy for passing her part 1 exams! I’m so happy for you!


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Do you spot a yellow sponge with square pants in these pictures?

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Last wishes…

Usually if a patient is having difficulty breathing or severely ill, we sometimes ask them to fast in case we need to put them in a coma and put a tube down their throat to help with breathing. This is not to be cruel, but because we don’t want them to vomit food and gunk when we’re trying to put the breathing tube in, causing those stuff to get into the lungs, which will definitely worsen their condition.

Therefore, when an ill patient desperately requests for a drink or some food, sometimes we get torn whether to allow them to do so or not. My specialist once told me that sometimes you can actually sense that it’s the patient’s last wish, so she sometimes allows them to take a few sips of plain water before inducing a coma in them. Thus, if they were not to make it, at least they had their last wish granted.

Just few days ago, I had this very resilient old guy who had a heart attack and needed 3 types of medication to keep his heart pumping and to keep him alive. He was very much consious and wanted to go home to have a good meal. He claim that the food the hospital served sucked and he insisted on going home. After trying hard to convince him to stay, his family decided to grant his last wish and they took him home. It was rather sad when it was time to take off those medications that were sustaining his life so that he could leave. I sincerely hope that he made it home safely to enjoy his home-cooked meal.

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Damn vie de travail. Tellement occupĂ© tous les jours. Difficile Ă  obtenir un congĂ©. PerpĂ©tuellement en raison sommeil pour ĂȘtre sur appel si souvent. Chaque week-end Ă©galement Ă  travailler. Ce n’est pas comme quelqu’un apprĂ©cie notre travail. Se plaignent que cette, se plaignent. Seuls les polissoirs Ă  chaussures obtenir toutes les louanges. Et ces serpents ne semblent jamais se faire prendre. Parfois, je me demande Ă  quoi bon?

Vissez le tout et tout le monde..

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What makes a fool…

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.” — William Shakespeare, 1546-1616

“The wise man knows he doesn’t know. The fool doesn’t know he doesn’t know.” — Lao Tzu

What can be more irritating than dealing with fools who think they are some hell of a great?! I really can’t stand those super egoistic people who don’t even know that they don’t know or are simply to proud to admit that they need help. In other lines of work, perhaps the worst that can happen is a lost contract, some paperwork mess etc. But in my line of work, when you screw up, people die. Full stop.

Whatever happened to “First, do no harm”?

Darn frustrating.


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Let me say, I was pretty well rested before going to work today.

Yet I lost my cool and scolded a few nurses.

Why? Let’s just say they were downright incompetent. Being incompetent when you’re new is fine and expected. Everyone has gotta start off from scratch. However, if you do not know how to do something, then you should take the initiative to ask and learn. But no, these people are just simply not bothered. Not bothered at all. Worse still, one of them just happily bluffed her way through it and dare to blame other people for her freaking mistakes. Totally no remorse at all.

Come on people. This is not a day at the office. It is other people’s life we’re talking about.

Please, you fellas need to shape up or ship out.

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