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I am emotionally and physically exhausted. Firstly, on the 1st half of February I’ve had 3 calls in 7 days, and I was clearly exhausted by them. I was looking forward to a nice break, as I’d requested to have the V-day weekend off. This was because I was initially planning to go for Cindy’s ROM. However, somehow along the way, I got lazy, and was sort of going to FFK…when on Friday, I received a message from my mom telling me that my grandma has passed away.

So my sis and I, and my beloved martian rushed back to my hometown for the wake and the funeral. It was a rush as the funeral was on Sunday morning, and we had to be back by Monday as my sis had exams (which were postponed in the end). Anyway, it was emotionally draining and tiring, as I couldn’t really sleep well, and all the travelling really drained me in some way or another, even though I barely drove…

After coming back, I took Monday off, to mourn and to rest. I spent the day remembering my grandma and all the fun times we had as well as all the funny jokes she cracked. I felt sad that we can no longer have more fun times together but I am relieved that she is no longer suffering from the cancer pain and is fully healed in heaven.

God knows best and He has decided that she has fought the good fight and finished her race on earth. May she rest in peace in His loving arms…

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

~ 2 Timothy 4:7


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A moment of silence for my coursemate, class representive and friend.

Rest in peace, Dr. KKS

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Though I didn’t know ChiQ that well, I’ve met her once or twice and had the golden opportunity to sample her lovely oreo cheesecake. In fact, thanks to her sharing the recipe on her blog, my sis and I have tried to reproduce the cake a few times since then and I still maintain that her recipe is better than Secret Recipe’s oreo cake.

ChiQ/Val…Rest in peace…

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