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Do you spot a yellow sponge with square pants in these pictures?


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Here’s some pictures to illustrate the madness of my job…

Snippet 1

One day during one of my ICU calls, I went to the Redzone (Accident & Emergency Department) to see a head injury patient which was referred to me. It was written that he also had a clavicle fracture. When I checked out his Chest X-ray, I saw the darnest thing…

Obviously the fella couldn’t have swallowed the laryngoscope. Just wondering whether it was left above or below the patient when the X-ray was taken and how did the radiographer miss it when setting the cassette to shoot the film??

Snippet 2

This sort of things only happens when I am on call. Those in blue are the elective cases, and those in red are the emergencies. Just looking at the board is enough to make me feel tired…

Snippet 3

During on calls, whenever there’s a short break, i.e. the few minutes in between cases while waiting for the patient to arrive, one would usually grab the opportunity to lie down on the on-call room bed to catch a quick nap if possible. However, to my horror, this is what I saw stuck to the bed frame…

So I had to contend with resting on the chair…Sigh!

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Full Name: Big Black Monokoru Boo

Age: Less than 1 year old

History: Patient initially presented with mild loss of weight with incontinence of stuffing. Previously noted to have a perforation at the dorsal surface of his body causing continuous leakage of stuffing. T+S done under local about 2 month ago. However, in the past 2 weeks, noted that patient persisted to have weight loss and a flattened look. On examination, patient looked ill, spiking fever from wound dehiscence and hemodynamically unstable due to hypostuffinaemia. Patient was then fasted and posted for emergency surgery.


1. Cachexia and sagging due to severe hypostuffinaemia

2. Sepsis secondary to wound dehiscence

Surgery: Wound debridement, body lift and re-stuffing

Surgeon: Jellio’ MD

Date of surgery: 26/05/2009

Duration of surgery: 1840 H – 1945 H


1. STO done on old wound.

2. Skin cleaned and drapped.

3. Lignocaine 2% infiltrated at proposed op site.

4. Wound incision extended and edges trimmed.

5. Wound irrigated with saline and hydrogen peroxide.

6. Stuffing consisting of 2 rolls of Otoban shredded, fluffed and optimised.

7. Stuffing inserted into all four quadrants under aseptic technique.

8. Skin closed with interrupted sutures using Silk 3/0.

Post-op orders:

1. Continue IV antibiotics.

2. Strictly light duty for 6 weeks.

3. Not to be squashed or sat on by humans in the near future.

4. Wound inspection Day 3, no need STO.



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I am amazed at the number or 3-way taps attached to this patient’s central line. Looks like something from Lego or Tinkertoy…

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Due to being absent from the blogging scene for a little too long previously, and with a little too much to blog about, I’ve decided to post a few pics about my worklife instead…

This is what I work with everyday. Meet ULCO.

I have a locker, like in Grey’s Anatomy!

What is Phua Chu Kang doing in the OR?

A ruptured kidney removed from a patient…

There you go. A little summary of my everyday life…and no, I’m not doing Surgery. I’m the one on the other side, the one putting the patient to sleep.

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My siblings gave me a spongebob thingamabob for Christmas and I forgot to bring it back to KL when I went back. I kept asking my sister to look for it and to bring it down with her when she came in January but she kept saying that she couldn’t find it. I specifically asked her to look at the cupboard under my desk in my room and she kept insisting that it wasn’t there. Finally when I came home for CNY, I decided to look for it meself. I opened the cupboard and lo and behold…there it was. Can you spot it?

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