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The title describes how I feel right now. I am damn pissed with certain people and circumstances. It’s amazing how some people are so full of themselves. They think the whole damn world revolves around them, their issues and their happiness.

Here’s a quote from Charlotte of Private Practice which I like.

“So this is the problem with you. You think everything in the world is about you. Sorry, not about you.”

Come on. Everyone has their problems too. You think just because they don’t complain it to the whole world means they are happily cruising through life in cloud nine? Just because you actively voice your complains and dissatisfactions doesn’t make your problem bigger or more serious than others.

Then again, why the heck am I letting this get to me. I should just stay chilled and not get so worked up about this sort of people. Because obviously they don’t give a rat’s ass about how other people feel and neither do they deserve to be fretted about. Total waste of mental and physical energy.

I’ll end with this quote from dunno where…

“Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don’t even deserve to be an issue in your life.”


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Half empty

Don’t allow yourself to be consumed by life’s problems; be consumed with life’s joys.

I wish it was that easy. Perhaps I’m just a born pessimist. Or maybe it’s just a passing phase. It sucks, but for me right now, the cup just seems half empty on most days. It’s not that I don’t observe shittier things in life on a daily basis that outweighs all the crap in my life. Nevertheless, the cup still feels half empty.

I’m now finally taking some time off from work, life and all the crap in my life (hopefully). I hope that at the end of it, I will be less burnt out and perhaps the cup will be half full when I return…

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The lines of communication, when broken, will result in much misunderstanding.

A statement from my brother while we were chatting. Hmmm…

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A message from God

I received an sms from a friend today…

“…but let us refuse to be sad and discouraged. Let us ‘consider it pure joy’ (James 1:2), even when we do not feel happiness. Let us rejoice by faith, by firm determination, and by simply regarding it as true, and we will find that God will make it real to us. Put your hope and trust in Him. GBU :)”

I really needed that.

It felt like a message from God.

I will try to ‘consider it pure joy’…

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Ah Ma

It’s been 3 years. I remember rushing back just in time to see her open her eyes and flash me a feeble smile and a slight nod. Acknowledging that I came back to see her. That was the last time she opened her eyes.

Sometimes when I look at her photo back home, I realized that I don’t really know her that well. As in, I never really talked much with her especially after I left for university. Only during the last few months of her life did I call her from KL to ask her how she was doing. She would just say, “You study about this stuff. You know la.” It was during her funeral when I realized what a wonderful and capable woman she was, from the various eulogies.

She used to complain that my siblings were “ang mor sai” and not serious in learning the Chinese language well. Well, unfortunately it’s a little too late to show her that I can finally speak a decent amount of Mandarin. She must have noticed that since entering med school I was very much stressed out by the course, as I was surprised when one day she told me that now that I’m in uni, I don’t have to overdo it and study too hard. Just focus in doing the best I can.

Anyway, there are 2 things I wanna say to her today…

Firstly, I would like to say “Kam sia” (Thank you) and secondly…

“Ah ma, wa pi giap liao.” (Ah ma, I’ve finally graduated.)

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I first saw this phrase “Courtesy begins with me” on a notepad by Singapore Airlines which my grand uncle gave to me many moons ago when I was still a kid. Back then, I barely knew what the word courtesy meant.

After being in Adelaide for 4 days, I noticed one really glaring difference in the culture here compared to back home. The people here are so polite, friendly and helpful. Perhaps it’s just a tourism facade. However, here are a few examples:

1. When walking in a park, almost everyone who passes you along the way would say hello, wave or smile. Imagine doing that back at our local parks. People would think you’re crazy. Mum said, “Never talk to strangers.”

2. The salesperson would greet you the moment you step in their shop and flash a sweet smile. They would then ask if you need any help and to call them if you need anything. Back in Malaysia, some salesgirls would greet you, but then they would hover over you every step of the way and end up invading one’s privacy.

3. The waiters and waitresses are so polite and patient. Even if you take forever to decide what to eat, they would still have a smile on their face and say the most polite things (though perhaps they are actually boiling inside from my fickle-mindedness).

4. Animals are important. If a koala or kangaroo wanders onto the highway, people wouldn’t mind waiting for them to cross, or letting the police divert the traffic in view of the safety of these cute creatures. Imagine what happens when a cow blocks the road back home. I’m sure people will be honking and getting utterly fed up. As for cats or dogs, well they would just get run-over.

All in all, Adelaide is a peaceful town. Really blessed to have the opportunity to experience the life here for awhile. Nevertheless, I’ll always miss home as that’s where I belong. Malaysia boleh!

Haha…since when-lah I turn so patriotic…

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