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Happy 2013

Once again another new year has arrived. Time sure flies. It’s now time to reflect on the past year and make carry forward new year resolutions.

Let us review the past one year before we move on to the resolutions. Last year was a year of new beginnings for me. I was a freshie in the diagnostic imaging/radiology department and had tons of new things to learn. It was fun picking up the skills of ultrasonography, interpreting x-rays, doing fluoroscopic procedures and such.

Apart from that, my boyfriend proposed early in the year and we got married by the end of 2012. It was a rather hectic year of wedding preparations, premarital counselling as well as squabbling due to stress. Anyway, now I am officially someone’s wife.

Now let us review last year’s resolutions…
1. Read the bible everyday – errr I think only 2/3 of this was achieved.
2. Eat more vegetables – YES! and drink more water – not quite…
3. Worry less – hmmm
4. Exercise – fail!
5. Blog more – whoops, only had 3 posts last year..

Enough nostalgia. For the year 2013, my resolutions are:
1. Read the bible everyday.
2. Eat even more vegetables and must drink more water everyday.
3. Attempt to worry less. Pray more.
5. Be a good wife and love my hubby more and more each day.
6. Sit for the FRCR exams.

Well, that’s it folks! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!


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