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Mental blog/block?!

Hmmmm..it seems that once again I have neglected my poor blog. Few months have passed since my last post. I am still in Diagnostic Imaging, and loving every bit of it. I guess I’m a sucker for new challenges. I hate change, but yet I get bored when life gets a little too static. How fickle-minded I am.

Anyway, it’s a good thing that I’ve not yet gotten bored of my current work. There’s still tons and tons to learn, and I’ve discovered that once ‘Jonah’ always ‘Jonah’. Let me elaborate…

A patient was deemed ‘too restless’ by the houseman incharge to do a CT scan. While consulting his medical officer regarding the patient, I noted that the patient was not restless, but instead, gasping. Unfortunately before they could send the patient back to the ward for further care, the poor patient deteriorated and stopped breathing. So I had my adrenaline rush again, as the houseman was too stunned to do anything, and thus, my colleague and I had to perform CPR on the patient until his medical officer came to take over.

Now that was a few months ago. As for yesterday, one of the patients who came for a CT scan of the abdomen ended up being breathless and her lungs were flooded probably due to heart failure after being given intravenous contrast for the scan. Now, how rare is that?! Anyway, since my department isn’t really well ‘furnished’ with the neccessities to deal with this sort of crisis, we just stabilized her and send her off to casualty for further management and admission.

Who said Radiology was all about sitting on their asses??

On another note, I’ve been trying to convince myself to study for the external exams next year. However, severe laziness has taken over. The inertia of letting my mind rot for too long is just to difficult to overcome. I told CN that I will buck up after Hari Raya. Which is now. But then again…Raya is for one month! Muahahahahha….so looks like I can procrastinate a little longer… 😛

Well, before I get verbal diarrhea and type more non-sensical stuff, I better end here. Until next time…


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