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Wow. It’s been nearly one year since my last blog entry. Cyanide has been scolding me for my lack of updates. I guess I was pretty disillusioned by work and too anhedonic to even feel like blogging.

Anyway, before I ramble on, Happy New Year 2012!! As always, I did not keep to my new year resolutions so I will just carry forward the same ones again…with a few modifications and additions.

1. Read the bible everyday.
2. Eat more vegetables and drink more water.
3. Worry less.
4. Exercise.
5. Blog more.

Ok. That’s it for this years resolutions. See you all same time next year. Ok, ok. I will try to blog more often. Hopefully this year will bring more inspiration to my writings especially since I have had a drastic change in my career path aim direction plans. I will eleborate more about it in another post if memory permits.

Adios for now. Until next time…


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