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Like and unlike

Since the boom of facebook (FB), many new words have surfaced. Apart from unfriend, another interesting FB term is unlike. I’m getting very confused with the new features of FB, when you seem to be able to like virtually everything from status updates, photos, comments, to links and even pages of random stuff.

Liking something is an easy thing to do. Simply press on the button like. Nevertheless, unliking something is quite the contrary. I am usually quite good at exercising self-control when it comes to adding unnecessary applications, joining fan pages etc. but somehow I was tempted to pressing like for some Disney crap thingy which required me to like them before being able to view the video. After viewing the video, I suddenly had the obsessive-compulsion to unlike it.

After a long search for the unlike button, I simply gave up and googled  How do you unlike something on facebook?” and there you go. Apparently I’m not the only one who didn’t know how to do so. Hah.


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