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Let me say, I was pretty well rested before going to work today.

Yet I lost my cool and scolded a few nurses.

Why? Let’s just say they were downright incompetent. Being incompetent when you’re new is fine and expected. Everyone has gotta start off from scratch. However, if you do not know how to do something, then you should take the initiative to ask and learn. But no, these people are just simply not bothered. Not bothered at all. Worse still, one of them just happily bluffed her way through it and dare to blame other people for her freaking mistakes. Totally no remorse at all.

Come on people. This is not a day at the office. It is other people’s life we’re talking about.

Please, you fellas need to shape up or ship out.


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Falling off a bridge

Yesterday, my colleague and I had to anaesthetize a 5 year old kid who had massive bleeding in his head due to falling off a bridge on the way home while walking with his mother. By the time he got to our hospital and to the OT, it was probably a bit too late. This was because the unfortunate accident occured on some remote island which had no operating services so they had to take a boat to get here, thus the delay. Makes me wonder what the helipad in the hospital is for. Anyway, the surgeons proceded to perform the surgery on him because sometimes children do respond quite well despite looking quite the contrary.

After the op we sent the patient to the kids ICU and this morning before leaving work, we went to visit the kid to see how he was doing. I guess it’s still too early to say, as they usually cerebral protect i.e. rest the brain for 24-48 hours before trying to wake the patient up, so I guess there is still some hope. But frankly speaking, it didn’t look too great before and during the op.

Well, on another note, I realised that lack of sleep and perpetually being on call is detrimental to one’s mood. I usually try to keep a professional euthymic mood at work but it has been getting harder to keep it that way recently, especially when I am seriously mentally and physically fatigued. I found myself increasingly irritated with over-demanding patients, lazy colleagues, blur nurses, etc. Suddenly, everything and everyone is irritating. That, my friend, is a sign that one needs to rest, before all hell breaks loose.

Argh. I sure hope we get more staff soon. Can’t wait for the workload to decrease…

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The Year 2010

Time sure flies. 2010. When I was little, I figured that by this time we would be flying on hovercrafts and wearing space suits, zipping around the universe or something. What a disappointment that nothing much has changed, and we’re still in cars, and there’s still horrible traffic, and all that. Hah.

Well, now is the time to reflect on the past one year. 2009 was a rather eventful year for me. I finished housemanship by the end of 2008 and then stepped into the crappy world of being a Medical Officer (MO). One would think upgrade is always good but in my case, it wasn’t all that great. The workload did not lessen, however the responsibilities increased exponentially. What more I was in a totally new department and had to learn various skills and knowledge from scratch. It was fun and challenging, not to mention, extremely stressful.

The lessons I’ve learnt in 2008 still applied to 2009. No. 1-5 were from last year. Let me see if I can add anymore to that list…

1. No matter how bad the day/call is, it will eventually be over.

2. When you think that something is already at its worst, it can actually get even worse. (Murphy’s Law)

3. Shit happens and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

4. If you work with nice people, having a bad call can actually be fun.

5. There’s always something new to learn everyday.

6. Getting angry at people/patients/colleagues/bosses is a waste of energy. The person at whom you are angry with usually doesn’t even give a damn. So what’s the point.

7. Happiness is a choice. You are responsible for your own happiness and no one else can force you to be unhappy.

8. At the end of the day, what matters most is family and God.


Ok, now let’s move on to the next part and reflect on last year’s resolutions…

1. Eat more and put on some weight less the wind blow me away. (Failed)

2. Drink more water and eat more vegetables to avoid constipation. (Semi-achieved)

3. Read the Bible and pray more often. (Failed)


And now, let’s recycle the failed resolutions and add a few extra…

New Year Resolutions for 2010

1. Eat more and put on some weight less the wind blow me away.

2. Read the Bible and pray more often.

3. Worry less, and be happy more.

There you go. Short and sweet.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 to everyone!!

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