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I know it’s been ages since I last blogged. Cindy was nagging me for my lack of updates, so I decided that I should really take some time to resume blogging.

Currently, I’ve finished 1 year of being a dog-tor, and am currently in Paediatrics, as a 4th poster. Or a HO-MO, as they call it. Anyway, I never liked paeds since med school days, as somehow I don’t particularly get along well with screamy, wormy and whiny kids. Even more so when they are sick.

Nevertheless, there’s always an exception for everything. There is this lovely baby boy which was so unfortunately abandoned by his mom, so he’s been taken care of by the ward nurses, attendants and fellow doctors. He’s been in the ward for more than 2 months and is no doubt the favourite baby of all times.

They used to call him baby of W, but since W obviously didn’t want him anymore, we decided to stop calling him that. The nurses started calling him Butang, as apparently it’s the name of some character in a Malay series on TV. I on the other hand, call him Button 🙂

Button is a bundle of joy. He works on night shifts too, playing, jumping around throughout the night, and only sleeping during the day. When the admissions pile in through the night, and you feel really really stressed out, it really helps to turn around and look at Button hopping behind you, watching you clerk the new cases (His bed is in between the nursing counter and the admission table). Even if you didn’t get to sleep the whole night, what does it matter? Button didn’t sleep either. Haha. Though I pity his adopted parents, as they would definitely have a tough time making him sleep at night.

The saddest thing was that without warning, the social services decided to speed up on their job and suddenly Button was given to his adopted parents all in one morning. We never had a chance to throw him a farewell party. All we could do was to give him one last hug and wish him well. It’s been more than 3 days since Button left, and everyone is feeling a little down as the ward seems so quiet without him…

Button, may you be well and happy with your new found family…we miss you!


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