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Surgical Life Day 10

10 days have past since I started being a surgical houseman. Much to my horror, it seems that I’ve forgotten a lot of my theory knowledge and will have to do some revision soon as in this posting, there are assessments every 2 months. After 4 days of tagging, I had my 1st call. Was really scared as I felt totally incompetent to handle surgical cases yet. Anyway, fortunately it was rather uneventful as in the cases that came in were rather straightforward.

My 2nd call was a little more freaky, as I had to insert a long CVP line in a patient, unsupervised. Fortunately I had done it once in medical and it got in somehow. Haha. Anyway, kinda tired out by the working hours. And as Su Ann mentioned, I barely have a chance to photosynthesize. In fact, I barely get to see daylight. I so ENVY Cindy who gets to chuck at 5pm and have only 1 call per week. I have 6 calls in 15 days. You lucky fish! Sigh…counting the days to finishing life as a houseman…


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