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Onward to Surgery

Finished 4 months of medical. It was fun, yet tiring, full of ups and downs but after all is said and done, I think I will miss it somehow. Just when I finally have a little grasp on what I’m doing, finally a little more confident in handling the cases during on-calls, it’s time to move on. Move on and start tagging again. Sigh..

The working hours for surgical HOs in our hospital is 7am to 10pm everyday due to the TDS rounds. So it looks like I won’t be having much of a life for the next 4 months. Nevertheless, Cindy, Nic and Ade will also be doing surgery, so I could just pretend we’re in the same hospital and having Grey’s Anatomy lifestyle. I wish. I bet none of them will have such crappy working hours as me.

Anyway, guess there’s nothing much I can do except to keep my chin up and keep striding on…


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I love my nurses…

There’s was this once I was on call and I went to sleep at about 1 am. at 1.30 am, the nurse called and told me I had a new admission to clerk – a case of uncontrolled diabetes. I happily told her no problem, I’ll be right there. I went out, clerked the patient and settled the case and thus went back to sleep.

At 2.00 am, an ill patient stopped breathing so they called me again, and I went out to do my thing CPR and all. After all that, I was about to return to the on call room when I noticed that there was a guy sitting at the admission counter. Curious, I asked the nurse, who’s that? She just smiled and said, that was the new admission, the uncontrolled diabetes guy. What the?? Apparently, after answering the phone, I fell back to sleep and actually DREAMT that I clerked the case. Since I never appeared, the kind nurses took his capillary blood sugar readings, did an ECG and was almost about the send him to his bed when the other patient collapsed.

If I had been in the other ward, the nurses there would probably have scolded me for taking so long to arrive as previously in the other ward when I took just 5 minutes to brush my teeth before coming out of the on-call room, they actually called me again to scold me for taking so long. Anyway, this is why I love the nurses in my ward.

1 week of medical left, then it’s off to Surgery for me. Grey’s anatomy action…as if. Anyway, must make a mental note to treat my nurses before I leave…

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