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I stopped hoping for a good call. The more I hoped, the more “jonah” I’d get and the more fed up I’d feel when morning arrives and I had barely managed to catch a wink. My record so far was 11 admissions during the night, max hours of sleep being 3 hours and minimum being zero hours.

When casualty starts sending patients up in bulks of three to four patients in one go, I sometimes feel like pulling my hair out, or just running out of the hospital for good. Yet, I persevere, keeping my mind focus on 6pm the following day, of which I can chuck for the day.

Most of the time, it is when I run down to do an urgent ABG at the Neuro ICU do I have a few minutes to myself, away from the chaotic mess of the wards as well as the constant grumbling of patients about how hot/cold/dirty/pathetic the hospital is. While the machine slowly calibrates itself, I also recalibrate myself to return to the ward and face the warzone.

The worst thing is, we’re so short of HOs in medical now that my calls are now EODs. In fact I have 4 EODs back to back this week (Mon,Wed,Fri,Sun). What an awful marathon. It totally sucks, but I guess the good point is, $$$ is flowing in…(as if I have any time to spend it).

Anyway, I gotta get back to work. I’m actually doing blood taking at the MOPD. Just catching a break at the library as there are currently no pending bloods to be taken…



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The sole branula

This is what happens when you have a nephro case who keeps bunking her lines and desperation sets in…

By the way, it wasn’t me who set the branula but seriously, the line actually works!

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