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My new toy…


This is what I got with my first pay. 250 gigs of 3.5″ harddrive space, nicely packed in Cooler Master’s X-craft casing. Something to brighten up my day and to keep me going…


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Another 2 days off…

Alright, I’m on another 2 days leave. Decided to take my friend’s advice to take leave every 2-3 weeks, just to keep my sanity. Been on 8 calls so far. 4 passive, 4 active. Work start from 7 am to 7 pm, and for on-call days, 7 am to 7 pm the next day. 36 hours. Passive calls, as mentioned in the previous post, mainly revolves around setting lines, checking blood, and attending to patients with high/low BP, high low sugars etc.

Active calls, is another hell of its own. My first active was on a weekend, I had 11 admission, but the MO was really nice, knowing I’m new and all, he was there most of the time, so I felt pretty “safe”. Managed to get about 2 hours of sleep. My 2nd call was bad, I got only 20 minutes of sleep, lost count of the admissions, but had 2 deaths. It was a Jonah-call, and later on I found out that the MO on call with me was a well known Jonah. I guess that explains it. The 3rd call was pretty good, and I got 3 hours or sleep.

Then my 4th call, was the worst call ever. I sleep ZERO hours, did not have my dinner, and did not get to bathe either. Admissions weren’t pouring in, but the cases were damn complicated that I just did not have any chance to stop to take a rest. By the time morning came, I just had to go back to my room for a few minutes to cry out all the stress and frustration.

The A&E actually sent up a patient unconscious, with BP of 70/50, just ran 1 pint of NS, on a blue (freaking small) branula. I should think that they should have resuscitated the patient adequately before sending her up. When the patient arrived, the nurse told me she couldn’t get her BP, so I tried a few times and finally got a reading for 80/70. Her blue line was not running the fluids fast enough and all her veins were collapsed, so it was a trying time getting a line for her. In the end my MO managed to set a femoral line and we started running colloids for her. GCS was E1V1M3 so I had to get a urgent CT for her. Meanwhile, all the other ill patients in the ward were acting up, so I was being called to attend to them all at the same time. Enough stress to make me feel like hopping out the window.

Anyway, I don’t really feel like going through all the details of that night, but basically, I felt so sleepy and tired the next day as my last 3 calls were EODs (Sun, Tue, Thurs) and the last horrible call was the last straw. Which is why I’m now on another 2 day leave, to keep myself from going bonkers.

My patient who poisoned herself with paraquat, died 9 days after ingesting it. I felt bad that I couldn’t do anything but watch her die, but in fact, there was really nothing that could be done. Her liver failed, her kidney failed and finally, her lungs just failed. It’s an awful way to die, and for some, when they initially took it, they were probably just parasuicidal and didn’t really mean to die. Sadly, once one consumes enough paraquat to get a urine paraquat test positive, it is a death sentence with no turning back.

Anyway, I’m not gonna think medical stuff for today and tomorrow and really take a break before I got back to the crazy working life…

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