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2 days leave

I am now on 2 days leave and I must say I really need the leave. Been working non-stop since the day I started work, no time to eat, lack of sleep and dying from stress. I was tagging for about 2 weeks, and that meant working daily from 7am to 11pm, weekdays AND weekends. The medical wards at the madhouse, is MAD and there’s always tons of work to do.

Initially I was in the general medical wards, but after 1 week of work, I was relocated to the DHN (dengue/haemato/nephro) wards, which people seem to think is more relaxing than the general medical wards, but I must say, that is total bullshit. There are 3 of us allocated to the 2 wards, comprising of about 60 over beds, while upstairs in the general wards, there are 4-5 HOs per ward, which has about 50 beds but can take up to 70 patients. A little bit of maths will show that the patient:HO ratio is not balanced. The dengue patients are reviewed 3 times a day (twice by me) and bloods are taken TDS to QID. The patients are so phobic of seeing me coming with the blood taking trolley that I so pity them. Apart from that, the haemato patients on chemo have tiny veins and we cant poke any vein above the wrist in nephro patients.

Previously, the 2 DHN wards were run by only 2 HOs but then they were senior HOs. Now, 2 of the 3 of us there are 1st posters, fresh and new. The last few days, my HO leader took our more senior HO up to the general ward to replace some people on leave and both of us super junior HOs were left to take care of wards ourselves. We nearly went mad! And when I told him I can’t handle it if it’s gonna be like that on a regular basis, he replied that previously only 2 people also they survived ma. WTF. They were senior HOs for goodness sake and even that, they could barely finish their work by 7pm. What more us fresh grads. Worse still if the person on call doesn’t take the night and morning bloods on time, our morning rounds get screwed and my specialist will throw a fit. And guess who ends up getting scolded…

Started my 1st passive call on Mon, and 2nd passive call yesterday. Yup. EOD (every other day) calls. Damn tiring. I think I’m a Jonah as I was literally on my feet the entire night, with the phone ringing non-stop. Just a little definition to clarify things. We have 6 people on call each day, 4 active callers (they do the new admissions in the respective wards, and cover the acute cubicles), 1 dengue caller (does the dengue bloods and watch G2/G3) and 1 passive caller (who takes care of transfers, accompanying patients to CT scan and every other crap not covered by the other 5 callers). Anyway, on my first call, I started my evening by having to transfer a patient to Sungai Buloh hospital for neurosurgery referral. While I was there, the phone kept ringing and all wards were looking for me.

Dr, patient itchy la.

Dr, patient tak boleh tidur.

Dr, venofix untuk (branula) bed 7, 8a, 12, 13, 25a, 30. (And when I reach there, there’s another 5 bunked lines…)

Dr, patient dextrostix HI.

Dr, patient BP low 60/40.

Dr, please come check the bloods.

Dr, patient ada transfusion reaction la.

Dr, patient’s PD not functioning. Boleh datang adjust sikit?

Dr, patient head got funny movement. Dunno fitting or wat. His head is like “Toink Toink Toink” (Me: WTH?? When I got there, the patient looked fine…)

Dr, patient this time really fitting! (Ok, this time he was having a tonic clonic seizure.)

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……the sound of the phone ringing and seeing the hospital phone number on my handphone screen is enough to send shivers through my spine… I kept calling my MO, she must have been cursing me for waking her up throughout the night. Well, it can’t be helped as I’m still quite blur and not sure how to manage all these by myself. It doesn’t help that since I’m at the DHN wards, I don’t have much experience with the general cases. Sigh.

Now I’m just gonna sleep and rest to my heart’s content before I am back on call on Saturday again.

What a life 😦


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